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Courageous conversations
Already in our hearts a deep conversion has taken place. Our task now is to deepen that conversion. We are not striving to find or access the Holy Spirit. We wait for a stronger experience of that Spirit. The divine presence is the gift already there. The holy well of nourishment is already within us. Because we have tasted its sweet water we look for more. We are asking for what we have already received. This is the big secret. We are welcome to draw freely from the deep, fresh spring always within us – but something makes us afraid to draw too much.

We are surrounded by Gods’ grace. It flows everywhere. There are many expressions of this presence of grace. The Church speaks of the dance of the Trinity, the wind of the Spirit, the sap and the yeast, the growing and the blossoming. But we block and limit that blessed flow of healing. Once unblocked, we become free beyond our dreams – free from  fear, free from resentment, free from anxiety.

Our lives are transformed. We experience the beauty of our ‘hidden selves’, we live ‘the abundant life’. That transformation marks another step towards deepening the reign of God around us – a reign of peace and respect, of equality and justice. We prepare our hearts so as to save our world.

Spirituality of the Heart
This spirituality reveals that everything we search for is already within us – the joy, the freedom, the peace, the courage, the divine energy.  It is a way of knowing that the touch of God, the healing Spirit, is hidden in all that happens to us – even in the most painful experiences.  When we see the presence of God in our most ordinary, daily routines, and in the darkness we often experience, then our lives are transformed. 
Our self-esteem soars, our capacity for being creative takes off, the clouds and shadows of our life no longer frighten us. We are astonished when we discover the immensity of God’s unconditional love for us!
This section is about nourishing the mind, heart and soul.  It will offer spiritual reflections for daily prayer, personal searching, DIY home retreat. We will reflect, as the weeks go by, on the place of awareness, forgiveness, letting go, fear, in our efforts to live the abundant life.
You are invited to think about ‘the deepest freshness deep down things’; about seeking the secret of turning your life around, and of living more freely and more abundantly. The aim is to become more acquainted with your own precious ‘hidden self’ and to find there everything you have longed for all your life.
We need to be reminded about God’s unchanging embrace at every twist and turn of our days, reassuring us that we are never alone, that there is nothing we cannot achieve with God’s arms around us. This section will offer brief meditations to facilitate our inner journey towards a deeper conversion and transformation.
The inner transformation of our lives is not just for our own well-being: it is only to set us free to give our energies to our sisters and brothers by promoting a richer quality of life for all those who are living in profound pain, fear and deprivation, and for the earth itself.

Daniel O'Leary