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The Begin with the Heart Team  - Celebrating Daniel’s Legacy
Since Daniel’s untimely death in January 2019 we have endeavoured to continue his ministry mainly through the Weekly Reflections and by promoting ‘An Astonishing Secret’ video course.  The Begin with the Heart Team is a small group of friends who have supported and worked alongside Daniel in a variety of ways over the years. Our aim is to continue Daniel’s ministry of teaching and celebrating a theology of nature and grace by making his writing and teaching widely available.

To help us do this we would welcome any comments or questions about Daniel’s reflections, his books or the Astonishing Secret video course.  Daniel said,

 ‘Your life will change when you begin to believe that God is not ‘out there’ any more, that God is the unconditional love that lives intimately within your heart, and in the heart of the world.’

We’d love to share any moments of breakthrough or insight you may have experienced when this was true for you. We’d be delighted if you wanted to share any ways in which Daniel’s teaching may have touched you. We’d like to encourage the kind of dialogue Daniel hoped both of his websites could facilitate.

It would also be really helpful if you could pass on to others any aspect of Daniel’s work that you have found enriching  and please let us know if there are ways in which we can further honour Daniel’s legacy. Please email


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