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Aim of Website:
Welcome to our new website.  We hope it is the beginning of a long and exciting adventure.  Its aim is to promote adult spirituality by re-introducing an old Christian tradition called the sacramental imagination.  This tradition celebrates the vision of Incarnation which reveals the divine presence in all people, all life, all creation (Begin with the Heart).
The website invites you to embark on a journey of transformation for personal spirituality, for the quality of your lives (lay and religious). It is also devoted, throughout, to discussing the role of the Church and sacraments in protecting and deepening this catholic vision (Spirituality of the Heart).
The website provides spiritual reading for reflection, study and meditation.
It supports the work of lay ministers in home, school and parish. (Learning Heart) Your co-operation is needed here.  This is an opportunity to send us the material which has helped you understand a little of the mystery of the Incarnation and its astonishing implications for our lives.
Suggestions for organising a home/school/parish day along the lines of the sacramental vision, are offered here. Also, we’ll share accounts of such gatherings in recent times (Planning a course).  There is a suggested outline for those groups who want to read and discuss some of the material in ‘Begin with the Heart’ (School for Hearts).  
The motif of the website is that grace is everywhere.  We hope that your own ‘moments’ of God’s presence in your daily lives will form a central dimension of this website. Please send them to us so we can share them with others (Windows of Wonder)
To sum up, there are two strands to the interactive dimension of the website –
1. your suggestions for further reading (Learning Heart),
2. your personal stories about experiences of God in your life (Windows of Wonder),
Daniel O'Leary (Biography)