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Learning Heart  
In this section some regular reading will be provided, eg a monthly article, a weekly paragraph, short pieces helping us to recognise the divine presence everywhere, to revise our understanding of the role of the sacraments, to explore the possibilities of an emerging, hope-filled, transforming Church.   

We hope you will send us relevant articles that you have enjoyed and have found to be especially helpful, to share with other website visitors ; eg chapters, poems, extracts and reflections from writings about the Sacramental Vision, the Catholic Imagination, a theology of nature and grace, and a spirituality of the heart.  (All of these terms will be explained eventually, and, in the present context, all are connected.)

The material for light study and meditation will include a short weekly reflection, one of Daniel’s Tablet articles, and some short readings to take us deeper into the mystery of our lives, our families and our fragile world – the only incarnate location of God’s beautiful presence.  Please send us your favourite passages or short articles or quotations from books (including those written by Fr Daniel) that you have found particularly helpful.

These selections will form the basis for a resource collection for personal growth, ministry support and professional work.  Some of us may feel unfamiliar with these themes, or threatened by the challenge of reading theological and spiritual writing.

Please give it a try – you may be surprised how quickly you catch on.  In fact, deep in your heart, because it is made in God’s image, you know it all already.  So it is more like a refresher course!  And it will deeply change the way you look at everything.