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These  reflections, drawn in large part from ‘Begin with the Heart’ and
On the Way to Life’ are meant for all facilitators involved with any age-group in evangelising, catechising, forming, religiously educating and preaching in the Catholic tradition of Christianity.  (Throughout, the term ‘students’ is used to include all those - pupils, teenagers, adults - who participate in such educational ministries in school and parish.)

Even if your main interest at this point is not related to the above work, but rather to deepen your own spiritual life, to actually experience some of the abundant life promised to us by Jesus Christ, then make the effort to read these reflections anyway – they will bring a strong foundation, understanding and motivation for the journey you wish to take, for the beautiful horizon of the heart you wish to reach.

And even if you struggle with these reflections, do not give up! Just skip over what you do not understand and tell us about it. The whole adventure of finding a new way of living is well worth the effort. We have magnificent minds and we must exercise them just as we take care of our bodies. They are all connected. Even Jesus had to study and suffer before his vision became clear and filled his life. The pursuit of the abundant life, here and now, will astonish you with happiness, but we need to have a real passion for it, a commitment to nourishing our minds and souls every day – and to begin again when we lose heart. We begin with a theological reflection - to be followed by catechetical and liturgical pieces.

Theological Reflection