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Lets start with creation Love changes everything The hazelnut
Theology is a love story One God..many theologies The dearest freshness
Language of the heart You are God's seed Celebrating our humanity
Farmer of dreams Priest Prophet of Beauty Priest Healer of Fear
Power on it's knees An irrestible force Song of the earth
The eyes have it Easter energy Cosmic connection of the heart
The breath of love Chasing the wild dream Pentecost Sunday - a meditation
Taking your life for a walk Every Mass a cosmic moment Holiness of falling in love
To be specially chosen Stories in the sun Now is the time to change
Drenched with love The closeness of our human God Beauty of being human
Life and God the same Inner room of your heart Angels and Demons
Forever in God's presence Hungry heart God's image and likeness
Making the invisible visible Imperfect fragments of love God's dream for us
Fields of home Holy disturbance Beauty and the priest
Stranger than fiction We need to cherish our flaws Darkness between the stars
Spirituality of humanity Letter to a young heart God's embrace holds us
Synod - a way of being church Growing in compassion He'll be here by midnight
Treasure beyond measure