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Weekly Reflections - ARCHIVE  
Setting Free Love's Image The Lion Inside
A Whole and Holy Heart_2 The God Inside Us The Heart of the Cosmos
Letting Go Resurrection into the Earth
Easter in your Heart Eastertide_2011 Beauty and the priest
The Infinity of Now
Memories that Bless and Burn Your One shining Moment A Mother's Blessing
The Wonder of Yearning
We celebrate... Only in Silence At the Heart of our Lives
Contemplative Oasis
Horizons of the Heart Space for Grace Bringing to Birth
Prophet of Beauty
Soul friends Midwife of Mystery Woman taken in adultery
Costing not less than Everything
Costing not less than Everything Choosing to be Grateful Wheelchair Hearts
The Impertative to Create
Letter to a 6 year old Blessed be the Longing May you awaken
May You recognise
Poetry is Human Existence What happens... And the Lord God said...
O Christ there is no plant...
O God you search me... We are God's delight Held in God's embrace
The work of the Mystic
Angelus over Carron Angelus over Carron 2  
Feb13_disclosure Feb13_what happens Designed to be Held
Blessed are the Reconcilers
It is never too late Home is a Holy Place More than Words – the Power of Art
Kitchen God
Home is a Holy Place Melody of the Moment Threshold of the soul
The Senses Have It Your One Shining Moment
Pausing for Breath
Morning Affirmation
A Few Guideines for Happiness In the Stillness is the Dancing The Tears of Things
Leap in the dark Light Incarnate
Waiting for ambush Gold_in_the Dust Waiting for ambush
Naturally_blessed on being good enough
Human Face of Divine Love_1 Human Face of Divine Love_2 Season of the Soul 1
The senses have it Chariots of a more sacred fire
Sign of delight
Beautiful Words People of the flesh Grace for all seasons
Seeds of glory Graced Gift Original beauty
To Live is Holy To Live is Holy_2 To be is to be Blessed
Only one love To simply be Cosmos
Fire in the depths Artists visible Revealing the essence
Original sin and blessing Sin is blind One table of mystery
Most moving and beautiful Revelation of incarnation Cosmic intimacy
Called to be God's spies Power of a baby Paradox in a manger
What love does Kavanagh's Christmas Everyday royalty
January 4th 2015 Listen to your body Mind your mind
Know your ego Grow by subtraction Take the second take
Language of the heart Notice the grace of space Paint on a broader canvas
Meet God halfway Where is your bright face? Living sacrifice of praise
Have you the courage to be? Heaven on earth Lighten up
Let go of fear How loved you are Here be dragons
Negative experiences Trust all that is harvest Heaven on earth_2
Send for reinforcements Become what you love Know your heart power
Celebrate your age Listen to your inner child Child of the universe
Unblock, release, connect Don't miss the moment Be an alchemist
Embrace your shadow Live in the present Travelling Light
Alberquerque inn Sante Fe bus Nota bene
The House - contemplative prayer The baby - contemplative prayer The sponge - contemplative prayer
The child - contemplative prayer The seed - contemplative prayer Water drop - contemplative prayer
The moment - contemplative prayer The mystery - contemplative prayer The gaze - contemplative prayer
The breath - contemplative prayer The word - contemplative prayer The touch - contemplative prayer
The well - contemplative prayer The heart - contemplative prayer Christmas 2015
Christmas week    
  Discerning true north What angels look like
Finally comes the Mystic Finally comes the Mystic - part 2 Releasing the angel
Seeds in the heart God is not finished Unblocking the light
Be bold and choose A mother's blessing Gold in the dust
Open your eyes Easter Sunday Lost and found
Easter homecoming Now and evermore Another place
Truly yourself Hungry heart Seeds of glory
Safe haven Now and evermore Treasured and transformed
Season of the soul - part1 Season of the soul - part2 Waiting for ambush
Against an infinite horizon Spirituality of evolution Everywhere and nowhere
Forcefield of love ...and did those feet... Season of our content
God in the scattered fragments Original beauty Music of what happens
The grace of loneliness Only one love Sensing Divine presence
Chariots of a more sacred fire Sacrament of what happens Autumn brings an open heart
Hidden beauty Unconditional love Gold dust medals
A new way of looking Beyond intimacy Really real
Grace in winter God with skin on Silent heart
The secret Paradox in a manger  
Be bold and choose    
Mystical call Leap in the dark and did those feet...
When the soul dances Jacket or strait-jacket In praise of praise
God never gives up Good energy Live in the present
Everywhere and nowhere Unblocking the light First blessing
Find your own Calcutta Mystery of the cross Real and earthy resurrection
Being in your element The senses have it The tenderness of Jesus
Open your eyes Lost for words Born to be wild
Living Pentecost Recognising our origins Beyond intimacy
Careful hands The soul's way Heart of life
The power of love Mystical heart The wound in everything
The meaning of incarnation Presence and senses Happiness now
The art of living mindfully Reclaiming beauty Divine imagination
Every good story Time for timeless things Jesus, the Human One Sacrament of God
World as a sacrament Know yourself well Forging in the smithy
We are all sacraments Table of mystery Eucharist's wide embrace
Eucharist and Incarnation Every Mass is cosmic The Blessing called Waiting
Peeling whitewash Light incarnate Christmas light
Loving the earth    
  Become Love Senses are sacred
Look of love Divine promise Creator Mother
Love changes everything Saving the world Thank You
Two pathways The power of thinking Mind your mind
Blessed habit Irresistible force of grace Easter in your heart
A Grateful Heart Healthy mind, healthy body Your beautiful soul
World's First Sacrament To be specially chosen Unconditionally loved
Kissed by God Safe haven for the lost The breath - the heartbeat
Intimacy-Holy Spirit and Creation Midwife of inner beauty Sleeping power
God's incarnate presence Bitterness to contentment Negative to enthusiastic
Overcautious to risking Quaking to leading You - the false self
Catholic Faith - a love story Incarnation Evolutionary threshold Forgotten theology Incarnation
Embracing evolution, embracing Incarnation Implications of Incarnation Retelling story
Evolutuion, Incarnation and Love Expanding the horizons of Incarnation Where did the Evil Seed take root?
Difference to us Everything belongs Part 1 Life and God same Part 2
Only Connect Part 3 Marriage made in heaven Part 4 One story. Countless tellings. Part 5
Incarnation our compass. Part 6 Hints of the Holy The power of a baby
Paradox in a manger Never too late to begin  
Calendar of magic moments    
Paint on a broader canvas Priest and priestesses He is my Son
How Big a God Seasons of our content - part1 Seasons of our content - part2
Earthquake in your heart Sun and stars Intimacy and Bigness
I arise today Intimacy and Bigness part 2 Enlarging our vision of Easter Hope
Easter is about bodies, personal and cosmic The whole world is raised at Easter Easter Sunday
Irrestible force of grace Moments that touch Eternity Looking, Seeing, Recognising
Treasured and Transformed Mystery of Being Itself The Infinite Horizon
Chasing wild dreams Father's Day Blessing Cosmic Connectionsof the Heart 1
Cosmic Connectionsof the Heart 2 Glad new day Fields of home
Horizons of the heart Mothering landscape A Leap in the Dark – Into the Heart of God.
Blessed_are_the_fearless With my body Blessed are the Reconcilers
Catching the rhythm of things Families shine Born to bless 1
Born to bless 2 Grace and radiance Remembering our story
The Soul's Way The Power of presence Courageous beginnings
While the leaves fall Autumn leaves and the Cantus Firmis Half life will kill you
Look of love God with skin on Do you take after your mother?
Setting Christmas to music O world invisible Beginning with our hearts
The Music of What Happens Be Bold and Choose January forever beginning
Possibilities in disguise Behold I am with you Mystery of being itself
Beauty in disguise God in every heartbeat When the veils part
Start with your heart Reconciling two stories The eyes have it
Cosmic significance Daily grace called imagination No imagination no growing
Imagination is everything Imagination more important than knowledge Only connect
Matter and spirit Love images Seamless love
Fire in the depths of the earth Cosmic connection of the heart Language of love
Mothering Landscape Love before knowledge A Sacrament called bread
Breath of Love Time to imagine Eternity of childhood
Chance for Reluctant Church God in scattered fragments Grace and radiance
Humanising the priest Praying for our troubled world The urgency of Pope Francis
Another beginning Human beating of Gos's heart Taking life for a walk
Autumn Cantus Firmis Language of love Half life will kill you
Stars of my years We need human saints Cosmic Eucharist
The gift you are Feast of Christ the King Advent in 3D