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Be bold and choose    
Mystical call Leap in the dark and did those feet...
When the soul dances Jacket or strait-jacket In praise of praise
God never gives up Good energy Live in the present
Everywhere and nowhere Unblocking the light First blessing
Find your own Calcutta Mystery of the cross Real and earthy resurrection
Being in your element The senses have it The tenderness of Jesus
Open your eyes Lost for words Born to be wild
Living Pentecost Recognising our origins Beyond intimacy
Careful hands The soul's way Heart of life
The power of love Mystical heart The wound in everything
The meaning of incarnation Presence and senses Happiness now
The art of living mindfully Reclaiming beauty Divine imagination
Every good story Time for timeless things Jesus, the Human One Sacrament of God
World as a sacrament Know yourself well Forging in the smithy
We are all sacraments Table of mystery Eucharist's wide embrace
Eucharist and Incarnation Every Mass is cosmic The Blessing called Waiting
Peeling whitewash Light incarnate Christmas light
Loving the earth