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Calendar of magic moments    
Paint on a broader canvas Priest and priestesses He is my Son
How Big a God Seasons of our content - part1 Seasons of our content - part2
Earthquake in your heart Sun and stars Intimacy and Bigness
I arise today Intimacy and Bigness part 2 Enlarging our vision of Easter Hope
Easter is about bodies, personal and cosmic The whole world is raised at Easter Easter Sunday
Irrestible force of grace Moments that touch Eternity Looking, Seeing, Recognising
Treasured and Transformed Mystery of Being Itself The Infinite Horizon
Chasing wild dreams Father's Day Blessing Cosmic Connectionsof the Heart 1
Cosmic Connectionsof the Heart 2 Glad new day Fields of home
Horizons of the heart Mothering landscape A Leap in the Dark – Into the Heart of God.
Blessed_are_the_fearless With my body Blessed are the Reconcilers
Catching the rhythm of things Families shine Born to bless 1
Born to bless 2 Grace and radiance Remembering our story
The Soul's Way The Power of presence Courageous beginnings
While the leaves fall Autumn leaves and the Cantus Firmis Half life will kill you
Look of love God with skin on Do you take after your mother?
Setting Christmas to music O world invisible Beginning with our hearts