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Send us your Story

This is also where your creativity and imagination are needed. What is so exciting about the true meaning of Incarnation is that we are all, always, experiencing in the most ordinary moments of our daily lives, the tender, extravagant love of God.  There is nothing so powerful as listening to people share their stories of such timeless, daily happenings - sometimes in moments of intense and unforgettable wonder; sometimes while struggling with the ‘dark night of the soul’, sometimes while doing the commonest of chores such as washing up or driving the car or trying to keep the peace at home.  These are the personal experiences of ‘ordinary moments of extraordinary grace’.

The invitation in this section is to explore beneath the surface of our experiences, so as to see the face of God in every face, to notice the footprints and finger-prints of God everywhere.  People’s stories are God’s stories too. There is a Gospel truth in the words, the thoughts, the emotions, the relationships, the decisions that fill every day of our lives.
We are not here talking about anything fancy, unusual or ‘holy’ – only the routine happenings of any normal day. That’s where the amazing secret is revealed.  And this is the case, whether we know it or not, believe it or not.
We would love you to send in some of those personal stories and examples of that divine closeness – and also, your selection of moments from films, poetry, paintings, music, novels, that you feel are examples of ‘incarnation experienced’, of grace in the present moment. 

As we know from the Christian Scriptures, the Holy Spirit is moving in us when we gather to open our hearts and share these blessed insights and experiences. We all uniquely reflect God.  We all disclose another face of divine beauty.  That is why your enriching voice is so necessary, so welcome in this website, for spreading a most powerful but forgotten love story about God and us. No one else can reveal the particular aspect of God’s essence that you are entrusted with.
And there is no ‘right’ kind of story. Your story is unique because it is yours. We have heard the most amazing accounts of very simple moments – ones that may happen every day, but suddenly you see and feel an astonishing revelation of love and meaning in something trivial even, bringing a glow of beauty and intimacy.  These stories may be from the distant past, from childhood, or from yesterday.